Thursday, August 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at the magazine's August photo shoot! So fun! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

August Issue

Hello lovely bloggers! Sorry I haven't been around lately, there has been so much going on! I celebrated my birthday last week and I also move in 2 days, yippee!

The August issue is finally out and I'm so exited. I've contributed the most to this issue so far: styling, the Fashion News page, the Fall Fashion page, and I was the Staff Spotlight this month! Don't forget to pick up a copy if you are in the San Diego area (they're free!) or you can read the issue here. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platforms... I am in love with them. Outfit post soon! <3

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ty made me this AWESOME headboard just in time for me to move into my apartment! He can seriously build anything...!

First we took an old wooden headboard, it was plain, basic, and boring...not much too it. Then we took my old egg crate foam mattress topper that I had used on my dorm bed (we had to go to the store and buy another to create more cushion) and spray glued them onto the headboard. Next we took some purple suedette fabric, as the fabric store liked to call it, and staple-gunned it to the back of the headboard! The hardest part was creating that tufted look. All we did was nail down the tufts with nails that had slight rivets, and used washers to hold the nail in place. The final touch was the fabric-covered buttons, and viola! My new headboard!

We will be working on some more apartment projects this weekend, stay tuned!

P.S. This room is my sister's, we just painted it so it's kind of the "random stuff" room for right now while she redecorates.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cat Deeley's Jumpsuit

Here I am wearing Cat Deeley's beloved item I won from her wardrobe! It's almost unreal that I am in one of my idol's pieces of clothing. And like Cat said, it really does feel like I'm in my pajamas!

Check out the video clip of Episode 3: "Vintage Chic" that I entered: (I love when she rambles on about Vicki Cristina Barcelona and drinking rosé wine in the south of France with some very very handsome man... Cat Deeley is seriously the best. 2:33 is when she starts talking about her giveaway)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Tribal Glam

I was dubbed "designated mommy" this past weekend while the parents were on vacation, having to deal with my two little sisters. Our age differences are pretty large, so they enjoy calling me "Mom" while we're out in public, making my cheeks flush while everyone stares at how ridiculously young a "Mom" I am for 2 kids. Being in this situation, scolding them or giving them a sisterly smack on the toosh causes an even bigger scene. Therefore... we spent most of the weekend at home. I love my sisters don't get me wrong, but we are sisters, and we do tend to fight. We had a good time swimming in the pool and just hanging out together without parental supervision, which they aren't used to.

On a more exciting note, some of my girlfriends and I are planning a trip during the winter break to a place, hopefully south of the equator, where the season will be warm! Summer is my favorite season, and I can't wait to have it again in December during our exotic excursion! We haven't decided on a place yet, but wherever we go, I know it will be a good time with my girls :)
Any suggestions?

Enjoy the pictures of my outfit for the day! (Ty got me a bouquet of gerber daisies, my favorites!)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Closer Look at Lime Crime

I thought I would share a closer look at my Lime Crime lipsticks! I definitely recommend these two colors, COSMOPOP and GREAT PINK PLANET. They are just the right amount of fun without being too in-your-face colorful! And the tube is so pretty... I'm so in love with this brand. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ruche-- Summer Resort Lookbook

I am completely obsessed with Ruche's late summer 2011 lookbook! It's Summer Resort theme is so sweet and girly, and exactly the inspiration I've been looking for this summer. Ruche is the epitome of modern-day vintage. I love everything their brand has to offer, even reasonable prices!

These are just a few of my favorite shots, but you must check out their whole lookbook here. I feel like packing up my bags and going on an exotic trip now! Be inspired and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rusted Ruffles

Today was spent organizing my room and eating ice cream with Ty while watching our favorite TV show, True Blood. I spent the whole day in pajamas so when it was time to go out and get ice cream, I thought this outfit put together was genius- a basic tank tucked into some loose cotton shorts with a little bit of ruffle for playfulness and a comfy shrug draped on top. Pink ruffle sandals and a brown belt and I was out the door, with my ponytail still in!

I had some more fun with my Lime Crime lipsticks and put on 'Great Pink Planet' to add to the playfulness!


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