Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Space Nails!

My Monday night turned into a beauty night where I turned my nails from drab to fab! I thought I would try something new, and after watching this YouTube video, I knew I had to try space nails. I love love love doing my nails, especially fun projects like this! It's a nice homework break and stress reliever; it lets your mind focus on one thing for a period of time and you can go back to doing your homework anew!

I started with a basic black coat. A matte black polish will work best for space nails. I just used whatever black I had laying around! Let the black dry completely before next step.

Cut a few small squares of paper towel and brush a small bit of polish onto the square. Then dab the paper towel square onto the tip of your nail. A holographic nail polish is best for this step. Try to go for a polish that changes colors when you hold it at different angles in the light like this one here. I used a holographic purple first, and then a holographic blue on top.

The final step is to add silver glitter polish and your top coat! You can use whatever kind of glitter polish you fancy. Try one that has different sized glitter pieces, that way they look more like stars that are near and far! :)

Viola- Space Nails!

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