Friday, June 10, 2011

College Fashionista

Ever since I started college, I've come to notice one big trend...carelessness. Within this trend of carelessness, you can find various styles of clothing... from sweatpants to oversized T-shirts to Ugg boots and even to pajamas. Sometimes you can even find all these things being worn all at once. Being in college though, this trend is perfectly understandable. We all have our off days where we simply don't feel like taking the effort to get cute, some more than others.

I hate leaving the house in something I just rolled out of bed with and take pride in walking my college campus walkways with a put-together look! :) Thankfully, I found out about a wonderful website called College Fashionista when I was approached on my way to class (Starbucks in hand!) by a lovely girl named Venice asking if she could take a picture of my outfit for the day! College Fashionista is filled with talented students who are on the hunt for fellow fabulously fashionable students roaming around their campuses. Then they post their stories and pictures of these "fashionistas" on the site for everyone to admire! I am so honored to be approached and featured as a fashionista on this awesome website! You can check out my interview here!

How to get my Fashionista look:

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