Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gel Polish

I decided to opt for something new this time I got my nails done and tried OPI's new soak off gel nail polish. Let me tell you, it's awesome!! It's suppose to last me a good 2 weeks and I'm at day 4 now without one chip!

You have to get this professionally done since it does require UV light. First, they roughen your nail surface to ensure that the gel will stay on for a good 2 weeks. Then, the gel polish is painted on with a brush and each layer becomes hardened by going under a UV light. And then, bam! You walk out with perfectly shiny dry nails. :) OPI soak off gel comes in a wide variety of colors that can also be mixed to create new colors. I chose the color Bubble Bath which is a pinkish-clear tone. My nails look naturally fabulous.

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