Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stylist's Kit

For last week's photo shoot, I put together a styling kit that I believe is necessary for every stylist to have on hand! It was especially fun to put together, and I definitely recommend these items for any aspiring fashion stylist. :)

Although these don't really fit inside my kit, I love going through styling guides before putting my outfits together. They get my thought process going and my brain knows exactly what to do when I see all the cluttered clothes and accessories on my floor. These guides by Lucky are my favorite. :)

This little bag is perfect for holding all my things! Go for a dark color because your kit will most likely end up either on the floor or thrown into the back of your car.

Your model may not always bring a wide variety of bras, so reusable breast petals will come in handy!
Double-Sided Fashion Tape
Clear Bra Straps
Skin Tone Breast Petals

Things WILL get dirty, especially during outside shoots. A Tide-To-Go pen is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to stains. Masking tape will also keep the bottom of shoes from getting dirty!
Shout Wipe & Go
 Tide-To-Go Pen
Baby Wipes
Masking Tape

Your model may show up with bright blue nail polish on so you have to be ready!
Nail Polish Remover & Cotton Rounds
Rubber Bands
Mini Sewing Kit

Straight Pins

We must not forget that models are skinny. XS is not always a sizing option with certain brands and designers so a quick fix is to use either a sweater clip, clothespins, or even binder clips to cinch her shirt in the back!
 Sweater Clips
Downy Wrinkle Releaser
Lint Roller
Binder Clips

 When borrowing clothes from stores, they always appreciate the tags being returned as well. Sometimes tags are in places where it is just impossible to hide, so just remember to stay organized when cutting them off and keep them in labeled zip lock baggies!
Zip Lock Bags

 Wrinkle Releaser may not always take out those tough wrinkles, so opt for a hand-held steamer that you can keep in your car for emergencies! A tagging gun is also nice to have for clothes that you must return with tags attached.
Hand-held Fabric Steamer
Tagging Gun

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