Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ultimate Dorm Room

It's that time of the year where every senior is enjoying their last hometown summer before heading off to college! Around this time last year, I was a madman looking around everywhere for the perfect college dorm accessories. So I decided I would show you some quick ideas to turn your dorm room from drab to chiq! :)

1. The first and foremost thing you'll need is a comforter set that will create your room's overall theme. I chose a black and white damask pattern that has a very victorian feel and is also reversible! For my sheets, I chose a contrasting diamond pattern. (Remember, most college dorm beds are XL Twin-sized beds, so double-check and make sure your sheets are XL Twin too because normal Twin sheets won't fit!) I think a black and white comforter can open up so many different color options for your room so you don't necessarily need to stick to one color palette.

Here is a super cute reversible victorian bedding set from Delia's that you can find here:

 With that, of course some contrasting sheets and pillow cases:

And lastly, to cover that horrible dorm bed frame, a ruffled bed skirt to match:

2. Another bed accessory that I'm sure all my suitemates can tell you is a MUST have is a bed rest pillow. It will let you read a book or watch TV comfortably on your bed, and is also the perfect back rest when thrown onto the floor:

3. Dorm space is always limited so investing in some cute storage boxes to store bulky winter items is recommended! I stacked up two of these cute flower clothes boxes with lids from Ikea underneath my bed:

4. A collapsible laundry basket with handles is ideal for traveling laundry! I chose this one from Ikea for my dorm room because the mesh fabric transports moisture away and it even has velcro on the bottom that latches on to your carpet so the basket won't move:

5. Getting a 3-drawer cart and putting it by my bedside was my best move. Not only is it a storage device on wheels, but it also serves as my nightstand where I keep my alarm clock, phone, glass of water, etc. This etched flower cart from The Container Store is fabulous:

6. In order to maximize closet space, get an adjustable closet rod expander, like this one from The Container Store. It instantly adds another rod to hang more clothes in your tiny closet:

7. Another way to maximize space in your closet is to buy collapsible hangers. The best kind are velvet so that clothes don't slide off and they have a hook in the center to add another hanger:

8. Get yourself a shaggy round rug, like this one from Crate & Barrel, that will make your feet happy when you walk across its softness every morning:

9. Mirrors make rooms look bigger! Go ahead and add a basic mirror to one of your blank walls. Mine was perfect for applying make-up and doing my hair! This one is only 10 bucks from Ikea:

10. Of course, you'll still need a full length mirror to check out your outfits in the morning, so opt for an over-the-door mirror that will save you valuable space:

 Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea, and The Container Store ARE your friends! These once-boring stores will have all your dorm room necessities, trust me.

Check out my dorm room tour here! Fast forward to 1:15 :)

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